A Rock ‘N Roller Coaster Ride From Rebellion To Sweet Salvation

Rock and a Heart Place

Rock and a Heart Place is a backstage pass to never-before-heard secrets and stories from some of rock music’s greatest performers Ken Mansfield partners with esteemed biographer Marshall Terrill to examine the wretched excess, self-absorption, and miraculous redemption of music icons. He traces the lives of rock stars and entertainment legends who wallowed in the decadence of both the high life and low life as they alternately experienced heaven and hell on earth.

“We all started our journeys with songs and stories that somewhere along the way turned into personal hymns and impassioned witness,” writes Mansfield. “We found our true Father in places we thought He would never visit, and though it was tough for a while, He led us safely out and we feel good about that now.”

Rock and a Heart Place is a raw, sensitive, and unforgettable journey of sex, drugs, and rock and roll to sweet salvation. Mansfield takes readers on a mesmerizing journey alongside members of some of music’s most iconic bands, including Kansas, Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, Prince, The Turtles, and The Byrds, just to name a few. Their recollections of the way things were offers an inside peek into a bizarre world that in the end reveals the bigger picture of God’s purpose for our lives.

“Rock and a Heart Place is a compelling, fascinating read.  Ken Mansfield’s relationships throughout his impressive career include many famous artists, who along with Ken, came to the conclusion that personal fulfillment could not be satisfied with money, sex and drugs, the trifecta of a 'rock and roller' and that life ultimately held little purpose without a relationship with their Creator.” —Michael Omartian, Multiple Grammy Award Winning Producer, Arranger and Musician, The Recording Academy (NARAS) Keyboard Musician of the Year

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