The Books of Ken Mansfield

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My Long and Winding Road

More about The Beatles, The Bible and Bodega Bay.

“There is something quite Lennonesque about Ken Mansfield’s soul-searching—his tales are astonishingly clear and vivid.” —Barnes& (Kevin Giordano)


The Beatles, the Bands, the Biz - An Insider's Look at an Era


More about The White Book.

“Countless books about the Beatles have been written by researchers - not by people who were actually there. This book is an exception - I know because I was there for some of it myself. Ken and I shared the experience of the famous Apple rooftop session. Ken worked for the Beatles through their heyday, and was also their trusted friend. There is no one better equipped to tell the Beatles' story - truthfully - and more importantly - factually, from the inside.” —Alan Parsons, Engineer-Beatles/Pink Floyd, Multi Platinum Producer


A Rock ‘N Roller Coaster Ride From Rebellion To Sweet Salvation

Rock and a Heart Place cover

“Where do rock stars go when they’ve tried everything the world has to offer and yet have continued to come up empty? Rock and a Heart Place, provides engaging and perhaps surprising answers."

—Ken Abraham, New York Times bestselling author


The Beatles' Final Concert

Ken Mansfield

The Man in the White Coat

The Roof

HE WAS THERE! There were just a handful of people in the immediate area where the Beatles played as a live band for the last time. As former U.S. manager of Apple Records, Ken Mansfield offers a personal, entertaining, and historically accurate look at the Beatles’ last concert while introducing readers to the inside stories and reflections of the Beatles and other characters in the vibrant decade of the sixties. All are interwoven with colorful descriptions on the workings, realities, and the true characters behind the cultural phenomenon that defined a generation. View the modern music industry from someone who was part of its growth and who lets you experience moments of music history that will never come again. Ken Mansfield was there!


My God and an iPod

on the Open Road

More about Between Wyomings.

“Mansfield’s prayerful musings are quite extraordinary. These along with exciting stories of the music business in the sixties & seventies make this a welcome addition to the spirituality shelf.” —Publishers Weekly


Rock and Roll, Cancer, and

God’s Love Collide at the

Crossroads of Doubt and Faith

More about Stumbling on Open Ground.

“Ken is jarringly honest about everything—life, success, fame, disillusionment, faith, questioning faith, cancer, the death of friends, and staying very close to one’s spouse and Creator in the face of life-threatening challenges. This book might make you a little uncomfortable, but that’s probably why you should read it. We must all at some point face similar challenges, face mortality, losing everything material, and Ken talks about what it’s like to trust God, no matter what.” —Bernie Leadon, founding member of “The Eagles”


“This is a story that will stay with you forever” —Andy Andrews, New York Times bestselling author


Philco — a man whose name evokes the distant past — enters this world on the side of a desolate country road, having no idea who he is or why he is here. With only a satchel full of items holding clues to his identity, he travels to places both imaginary and real—following the answers that unfold along the way.